March 20, 2009

Attitude of Entitlement

You have got to be fucking kidding me.

Corporate America has an attitude of entitlement?  How can this communist fucker say this with a straight face? 

Try this logic.  The people in corporate America work.  This work entitles them to compensation. 

On the other hand, people that don't work aren't entitled to anything.  Except, apparently, hundreds of billions of dollars.  For that matter, isn't Obama the one who's all gung ho for giving them all this money?  How do you think that modifies their obviously evil sense of entitlement? 

Fuck you.

Also, Nancy Pelosi tells me its unAmerican to enforce immigration laws.  So, it is unAmerican to enforce laws enacted by the democratic process of the United States now?  Who knew.  Let's try it with some other types of laws:

  • It is unAmerican to enforce child labor laws.
  • It is unAmerican to enforce civil rights laws.
  • It is unAmerican to enforce workplace safety laws.
How about this?  It is unAmerican to be a terrifying Cunt Lich. 

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