September 03, 2009

Dear People of Honduras

I'm sorry.  Sorry, and frankly, embarrassed. 

Who could have predicted that your entire country would be punished for following the laws enshrined in your very constitution.  I, unlike our scary intelligent, constitutional-scholar President, understand that there is only one fully, truly forbidden activity in your Constitution and that the dipshit in charge violated it.

I also understand that your duly appointed Supreme Court ordered your would-be thug-in-chief to be removed from office according to the mechanisms present in your nation's governing document and that the military obeyed a Constitutional order by that Court when they ejected him from the country. 

What you have to understand is, although he seemed swell to you and the rest of the world when he was running, our new President is absolutely hostile to the rule of law and all Constitutions.  I'd compare his study of the Constitution to how a virologist studies the cold.  He had no interest in strengthening and defending our Constitution but instead needed to find ways he could undermine it within the system.

Sadly, it appears his disregard for governments enshrined on paper extends to your Constitution as well.  Even I, a well-established pessimist on all things Obama didn't think his administration would stoop so low as to punish a neighbor for following its own rules.  For nearly several years we've had to hear this dipshit whine about our "adventurism" and "meddling" in the Middle East only to have him lash out at a devout and honorable ally within months of taking office.

I'm sorry. 

But fear not, because I have a plan.  Instead of bowing to the idiotic demands of our State Department, I suggest you market the products and services of your country to those who oppose the thuggish behavior being demonstrated by the Obama Administration.  You should make sure we are aware of any vacation opportunities you have as well as setting up a fund where we can donate a replacement to the funds you've wrongly had withdrawn. 

Besides, I'm not really a strong supporter of fiat financial support of our allies.  Instead, I'd prefer to set up a fully voluntary effort by the American people to become closer economic friends without the interference of a government now sadly so hostile.

Whatever you do, don't let that piece of shit back into your country.  You did the right thing and no bullying from Cankles and Captain Bullshit should make you take it back. 

Moron Pundit

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