January 28, 2009

USA: Communists Welcome

In case nobody else has been watching USA, they've been doing a series of 'commercials' since the inauguration that make me want to saturation nuke their headquarters. 

One of them is just public fellatio of the One while others profile "artists" like the dipshit who painted this piece of shit.

I am inclined to never watch their network again but then I am reminded that most everyone in the industry is just as euphorically retarded. 

Dear 52, go fuck yourself.  Love, 48.  We'll be waiting.  Don't screw it up.

P.S. - If you've noticed my absence, I'm in the middle of a very massive project at work with a very ridiculous deadline so I'm pretty much out of commission.  Don't worry, I'll be drawing cocks on people's faces (and soon, one I've famously avoided...) and yelling profanities at my monitor in no time.

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January 15, 2009

WTF is Wrong With Wisconsin

A question frequently asked by our Beloved Alice H. and one with many solid answers:

  • It is fucking cold.  FUCKING cold.  Not pretty garsh darned cold.  Not brisk.  Not chilly.  Not freezing.  WITCH TIT IN A BRASS BRA FUCKING COLD.  The high temperature today is -5.   With wind chill we won't go higher than -25.  If I could reach Al Gore, I'd share with him... share PAIN. 

    My work compensated us for risking our lives by leaving the house by letting us wear jeans.  Office Space has nothing on reality.
  • The Mayor of Racine has been arrested at a mall for being a sick, deranged fuck.  Racine is like a shitty version of Kenosha which is like a shitty version of whatever lame suburb you live in.  His party affiliation was not mentioned.
  • Milwaukee is about to enact a requirement (as voted on by the people) that every business of any size provide 9 paid sick days to every employee, even part time.  Now, even the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is against it.  What is a socialist to do?  I'd try living in reality and realizing that businesses will move/close/not hire part time workers if this stands.  Of course, the people that most need part-time jobs are the poor but fuck them, I guess.  Who needs an economy? 

Update: I look over at Boots and Sabers and find two more ridiculous things wrong with Wisconsin.  WTF is going on?

That climate change one is especially nasty.  I can't wait for Wisconsin (a state that prides itself on being "progressive") to lead the charge into the abyss on Climate Change, Socialist Compensation Plans and duck slaughter.

What?  Duck slaughter isn't on the agenda?  What does Obama think Unicorn's eat anyway?

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A Random Thought On That IVAW Guy Hassling Alice

Before I start let me make my disclaimer:


I have no idea if this guy hassling Alice has done this or not, but the MacBeth/Beauchamp/Winter Soldier crowd usually seems to possess the emotional trait to *ahem* inflate*ahem* the awards and medals they get. Keep an eye and ear out for his claims in that vein, especially if he appears with a suspicious level of bling and shininess on his Class A uniform.

Just a thought.

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January 12, 2009

A Challenge Looking Forward

As we start the last week of a Republican President's term in office and await a Democrat White House, here are a few random thoughts for the road ahead.

While I oppose Obama and is plans, and relish the opportunity to fight them all the way, I still have difficulty rooting for failure just to win votes. Maybe I'm wrong, but that does seem disturbing. Yeah, I know the Kossacks and the media celebrated every soldier's death or every bad economic report for the last eight years because they believed it would help them, but I just am not wired in a way to celebrate the suffering of people just to win. Instead, we need candidates who can espouse our views, and are not afraid of the media and willing to take on the other arm of the Democrat Party. Nothing charges up the base more than a candidate taking on and slamming a reporter.

Sarah Palin better decide soon what she wants to do for 2010 and 2012. She looks to be facing a serious contender with loads of cash, and with the promise of the Kosacks to send him more, it could get interesting. Does she fight to keep he Governor's Mansion, or does she try to run for Lisa Murkowski's seat as another "f*ck you" to those who called her stupid.

In that vein, bloggers and opinion makers on our side who are defeatist, pessimistic, and desirous of defeat so as to help propel a book deal or a writing gig need to shut the hell up. The same goes for those who wish to defend said opinion makers. Certain folks, in their pomposity and arrogance, actually seemed happy to see Obama win, so as to set up their candidate in 2012, to throw a temper tantrum because their guy didn't get the VP nod, or because they just generally get aroused over getting their own side mad at their defeatism. Enough, I say! The moonbats have been unified since 2005, purging those who would veer off the path. If defeatism, and the defense and rationalization of such, is to be the new path of choice on the right, then go ahead and purge me. I can't stand a loser, and I sure as hell won't tolerate somebody who gets their jollies from it, or those who try to excuse and defend it because of deeds done four and five years ago.

I mayhave more later. I just wanted to vent.

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January 07, 2009

A Thought On "Vetting" Candidates

Back during the election, the media declared it their duty to "vet" Sarah Palin and Joe The Plumber (an ordinary citizen, by the way) by digging into every detail of their personal lives, going so far as to mock McCain for not digging himself.

Well, given Bill Richardson's departure from the Obama Cabinet, I have noticed a lack of curiosity on the part of The Deciders to dig into Richardon's dealings, and their unwillingness to ask the President-Elect about HIS vetting process.


Just a thought.

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