April 21, 2010

Revenge of the 20%

There's a business maxim that 80% of the work is done by 20% of the people.  Like all other such principles, there are all kinds of exceptions, but I'm sure that we can all agree that, no matter what you do, there are those who do most of the work and those who don't.  Or, as I say, anyone who supports socialism has never done a group project. 

I was pondering this over the last month or so as I watched my office prepare for several major events that were going to happen simultaneously.  It was true, 20% of the office was working long hours and keeling over from stress.  The other 80%?  Bitched about being asked to help carry boxes to a truck. 

When evaluating the Tea Party movement and the discontent in American politics, I believe that what we are seeing can best be described as the Revenge Of The Twenty Percent.  Those who achieve are finally pushing back at being forced to pay for those who don't even try.  Those who achieve are finally pushing back at being considered horrible and selfish for wanting to keep the money that they worked so hard to earn.  Those who achieve are finally pushing back at the notion that it's only right that the 20% are supposed to do 80% of the work.  Those who achieve are finally pushing back at the notion that the 80% are not capable of doing more than 20% of the work. 

To return this to the workplace analogy, consider your office/workplace/whatever.  You are in the 20% who work.  You'll keep your mouth shut about the 80% to a certain point.  But after that point, then you'll pitch a fit.  Why?  Because the 80% are trying to make you do 100% of the work, not 80%. 

That's what I see happening in America at the moment.  While the percentages don't hold, the concept is the same.  Those who feel entitled are demanding that they be taken care of completely.  Those who work are digging in their heels and saying no, no I will not do that.  Not only that, those who work have had it with being told they are cruel and evil for asking that others work also.  On a personal level, there's nothing that makes me angrier at work then when I get yelled at because I didn't do someone else's job.  Do not tell me that it's my responsibility because I know that a co-worker wouldn't do it.  It's not my job.  It's his/her's.  Go yell at the person who actually messed up, don't yell at me because I didn't hold his/her hand to make sure it got done. 

I also firmly believe the cultural analysis is wrong.  This is not about race.  This is Revenge of the Nerds, 2010 style.  When I look at the Tea Party protests, what I see are the ones who did all the work in the group projects only to sit back and watch the entire group get an A standing up and saying "No.  No, you do not get credit for my work ever again."  That's the source of the anger.  The achievers worked and struggled and saved and tried to take care of themselves.  Now they are being asked to give all that up to the kids in the back of class passing around a bottle and a joint.  This is about the a/v geeks standing up to the jocks.  This is about the bookworms refusing to do the prom queens' homework.  This is about the ones who went to the library on Saturday morning instead of doing a walk of shame saying no, no I will not let you use my paper.

Of course those in the 20% are angry because now the proposition is that 20% will do 100% of the work while being screamed at and called vile names.  Of course there is going to be push back.  Of course there will be anger.  Why would anyone expect otherwise?

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April 20, 2010

In Which Moron Pundit Declares War On The Left's Person Grading System

First, place the following human traits in order from "Most likely to help you form an opinion about someone" to least.

  • Color of skin.
  • Choice of where to stick genitals in free time.
  • Intolerant/Prejudiced/Racist Personality
  • Generically Mean Personality
  • Intelligence
  • Country of Origin
  • Honor
  • Courage
  • Honesty
  • Generosity
  • Attractiveness
  • Weight
  • Eye Color
  • Clothing
  • Talent/Skill/Knowledge
I could add a bunch more but you get the idea.  Now, after that, put those same things in order of what traits would be most likely to influence your decision to hire or not hire someone for a job. 

Did all of you rank intelligence above color of skin?  Yes?  Good.

Alright, now the final part:  Rank the above in the order you think these actually effect hiring processes in the real world. 

Did we all put talent/skill/intelligence/etc near or at the top?  Good.

Now, we all know that there are innumerable laws restricting a person's ability to hire based on skin color and even providing advantages to people of certain "victim" groups.  I agree that we shouldn't be judging who we hire based on the color of their skin but instead on qualities that are actually important but I'd argue that that is what happens in 99.5% of all cases.  After all, what business can afford to hire less qualified people just because they don't like black people? 

So why is it we've spent so much effort in America focusing on the differences among us that cause the LEAST amount of unfairness?  Of the qualities on this list that one cannot control from birth, it would seem obvious that base intelligence would account for far more instances of "unfairness" than what color a person is or where they're from.  Doesn't that seem clear? 

So why isn't there a huge stupid people's lobby arguing for Stupid People's Rights?  And since there isn't, it sure seems stupid to focus on less important things like if they have sex with men or women or horses or whatever.

Why do we judge a person that hates only one group of people to be worse than someone that is just an asshole to everyone he meets? 

Why are we so fucking preoccupied with the most trivial of our qualities while ignoring their negligent impact on reality relative to other traits?

It all has to stop.  Its time to realize that something about each of us is despised by someone else in the world and that person may be sitting across an interview desk from you some day.  Its time to get over your chosen excuse and realize that everybody has challenges.  Everybody has a quality that works against their success.  The secret of the successful is that they find a way to excel anyway. 

They aren't special.  You can too.

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April 14, 2010

Why She Quit

St. Andrew of the Massaged Prostate has this to say on the matter:

12 million since July. In today's conservative world, being a well-oiled media celebrity gets so much more respect than knowing how to govern a state.

First, a couple of nitpicky writing issues.  What he should have said was that being a well-oiled media celebrity gets you so much more MONEY than GOVERNING a state.  12 million dollars isn't respect and Palin's job wasn't to "know how to govern a state."

But that is neither here nor there.  I get what his pot-addled brain MEANT and even there he is totally wrong.  Sarah Palin looked at the likelihood that staying governor would bankrupt her family in addition to subjecting them to the loudly shouted delusions of psychotics and decided that she should instead pursue a media career that would make her family rich and protect her from at least some of the vitriol and undeserved hate she received on a daily basis.

As a family man, I can't even imagine making a different decision.  This, of course, is why we can't find but a few decent people to seek and attain higher office since it simply isn't worth it.  If it was just me I couldn't find a price for my ideals but if you include my daughter and wife in the matter, I bet I could find you a price pretty quickly.  Its just part of being an adult. 

There are a million reasons AS could never understand that.

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April 08, 2010

Dear Cancer

Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you for eternity with a neutron bomb shoved up your uncircumcised cocktruck. Fuck you for all you have wrought. Fuck you for damaging too many innocent lives. And fuck you for trying to take my mom and my best friend's two year old daughter.

Oh, and fuck you for thinking you could wash us away like a disease at the dick clinic in a college town. Fuck you for thinking the people I know and love won't go down without a fight. Fuck you for thinking we would just roll over. And fuck you, just because I feel like saying it.

You thought you had an easy mark, didn't you? You thought you had an easy victory, didn't you? You thought we would melt like a pulled pork sandwich in the sun, didn't you? Well, guess what, you fuckingly fucked up fuckjacket? You fucking failed. You fucking have fallen onto my fuckchart of fury for this, and you will not get anybody I know without the fight of YOUR fucking life.

So get fucked, cancer. Get fucked with a Sticky Bismarck along the way.

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April 05, 2010

Opportunity or plan?

Capt Ed looks at this article at the WSJ about Karzai saying he might have to side with the Taliban and blames it on Obama.
I agree but I disagree.
Quoth Capt Ed
Whatever we’re doing in Afghanistan doesn’t appear to be working,

He goes on (and on and...bzzzz what was I saying?) about how we're screwing things up in our diplomacy.

Yes, but not in the way he means.
What we're seeing is a budding dictator, that Karzai's big whine is that he wants to take election monitoring away from the UN should be the first clue.

As to his Taliban threat, that's bullshit and he knows it. The Taliban will be his ally if he institutes sharia law and that's about it.
They're uninterested in anything else, they're true believers not realpolitik players. They'll take weapons from anybody, but they won't share power with anybody who doesn't execute women for showing a little wrist.

So the way I agree is that this is most likely a result of Obama's "diplomacy", but not our Afghan diplomacy.

It's a reaction to how Obama's reacted to every political problem in the world, he's sided with every dictator or budding dictator from Iran to Gaza to Honduras and who can forget his Grand Apology Tour where he apologized to various kings and sultans for evil America?

Karzai just sees the opportunity to become a dictator with the Great Satan's blessing.

I hope our generals are disabusing him of any notions of becoming *Al-Presidente for Life

*I know, that's Arab. Shut up. It was funny.

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