August 20, 2010

You Want Hate? I'll Give You Hate

I am fucking sick and fucking tired of being told that wanting a better life for my family is somehow racist. I am fucking sick and fucking tired of being told that not wanting to be taunted for the most vile attack on our country in my lifetime is somehow "bigoted'. I am really fucking sick and fucking tired of being told that "hate" is what motivates me.

Instead of hiding, I'll admit to something. Yesterday was my daughter's first day of Kindergarten. And as I stood in line with her to enter school, I saw the tiny little thing that I used to be able to hold on my lap walk into the future. I saw the most precious and valuable gift ever given to me set forth on a journey that will lead to (hopefully) a lifetime of happiness and enjoyment. And I saw the future walk into a classroom with a backpack bigger than her, and I thought about her future. And I was and am worried.

Yes, I am worried. What kind of future will she have? And I became angry. I became angry at those who wish to ruin her future. And I began to let the hate grow. Yes, the hate for those who wish to make her life more difficult than what I had. Not hate for an ethnic or other group, but hate for an idea, since people can change their views. And the idea I hate is liberalism. I confess, I hate. I hate those who want to advance an agenda that ruins the today, the tomorrow, and the tomorrow's tomorrow. And to them, I wish them the following:


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August 19, 2010

My Take On The Sudden Love For Dubya By The Left

This pile of crap from the Washington Post would not have interested me (I mean, every fuvking liberal blog and invisible dicksucker on the air has been saying the same for the last few days, as if it were coordinated), save this awesome bit of stupidity:

And if the Muslims who want to build a community center are no more responsible for, or supportive of, the attacks of Sept. 11 than any other Americans, how can their plans be "insensitive" {maybe because they have guys like this fronting them.-ed} The hurt feelings must reflect misunderstanding or prejudice on the part of the objectors, and the right response to misunderstanding and prejudice is education, not appeasement.

My emphasis.

Here is my response to that:


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August 17, 2010

Not bothered by Christie's reaction to the Ground Zero Mosque shitstorm

He's basically ducking the issue, and I have no problem with it.  Now, note, I'd like to see him acknowledge that building a mosque at Ground Zero is obnoxious. Particularly given that you know there are a lot of people from northern Jersey that died on 9/11, and the families might not be thrilled about this mosque going up. 

All said, he's still a Republican governor in the Soviet of New Jersey.  Christie's chosen the budget as the hill to make his stand on, and is scoring some wins where no one would have guessed he could score some wins, this mosque thing is a distraction for him that he doesn't need.  Christie knows that there's not a damned thing he can say or do that is going to change what happens with the mosque, so why not leave it to others to hash out? 

I'd do whatever I could not to get sucked into the giant shitstorm that this controversy is becoming were I him.  Smart move on Christie's part.  You keep doing your thing Governor, just try not to say anything that's gonna get you sucked into the shitstorm.

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August 14, 2010

For One Of The Few Times In My Life...

I am completely at a loss for words.

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August 12, 2010

America, Fuck Yeah!

A little optimism in otherwise dour times.

(h/t: Ernest Thing)

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August 08, 2010

Ezra Klein: What anti-business environment?


How about totally boning the automaker bond holders to save the UAW?  Or the abortion that is the Chevy Volt? Or Obamacare, the first symptoms of which are the cumulative multi-billion dollar corporate write-downs?  Or FinReg, which will have repercussions for credit availability for small business startups?  Or the "U.S. Manufacturing Enhancement Act of 2010" (née "Miscellaneous Tariff Bill")  Those are just a few things that come to mind.

Ezra Klein is so off track he's beyond just being wrong.  This is a "Baghdad Bob" level of denial.

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