August 17, 2010

Not bothered by Christie's reaction to the Ground Zero Mosque shitstorm

He's basically ducking the issue, and I have no problem with it.  Now, note, I'd like to see him acknowledge that building a mosque at Ground Zero is obnoxious. Particularly given that you know there are a lot of people from northern Jersey that died on 9/11, and the families might not be thrilled about this mosque going up. 

All said, he's still a Republican governor in the Soviet of New Jersey.  Christie's chosen the budget as the hill to make his stand on, and is scoring some wins where no one would have guessed he could score some wins, this mosque thing is a distraction for him that he doesn't need.  Christie knows that there's not a damned thing he can say or do that is going to change what happens with the mosque, so why not leave it to others to hash out? 

I'd do whatever I could not to get sucked into the giant shitstorm that this controversy is becoming were I him.  Smart move on Christie's part.  You keep doing your thing Governor, just try not to say anything that's gonna get you sucked into the shitstorm.

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