April 20, 2010

In Which Moron Pundit Declares War On The Left's Person Grading System

First, place the following human traits in order from "Most likely to help you form an opinion about someone" to least.

  • Color of skin.
  • Choice of where to stick genitals in free time.
  • Intolerant/Prejudiced/Racist Personality
  • Generically Mean Personality
  • Intelligence
  • Country of Origin
  • Honor
  • Courage
  • Honesty
  • Generosity
  • Attractiveness
  • Weight
  • Eye Color
  • Clothing
  • Talent/Skill/Knowledge
I could add a bunch more but you get the idea.  Now, after that, put those same things in order of what traits would be most likely to influence your decision to hire or not hire someone for a job. 

Did all of you rank intelligence above color of skin?  Yes?  Good.

Alright, now the final part:  Rank the above in the order you think these actually effect hiring processes in the real world. 

Did we all put talent/skill/intelligence/etc near or at the top?  Good.

Now, we all know that there are innumerable laws restricting a person's ability to hire based on skin color and even providing advantages to people of certain "victim" groups.  I agree that we shouldn't be judging who we hire based on the color of their skin but instead on qualities that are actually important but I'd argue that that is what happens in 99.5% of all cases.  After all, what business can afford to hire less qualified people just because they don't like black people? 

So why is it we've spent so much effort in America focusing on the differences among us that cause the LEAST amount of unfairness?  Of the qualities on this list that one cannot control from birth, it would seem obvious that base intelligence would account for far more instances of "unfairness" than what color a person is or where they're from.  Doesn't that seem clear? 

So why isn't there a huge stupid people's lobby arguing for Stupid People's Rights?  And since there isn't, it sure seems stupid to focus on less important things like if they have sex with men or women or horses or whatever.

Why do we judge a person that hates only one group of people to be worse than someone that is just an asshole to everyone he meets? 

Why are we so fucking preoccupied with the most trivial of our qualities while ignoring their negligent impact on reality relative to other traits?

It all has to stop.  Its time to realize that something about each of us is despised by someone else in the world and that person may be sitting across an interview desk from you some day.  Its time to get over your chosen excuse and realize that everybody has challenges.  Everybody has a quality that works against their success.  The secret of the successful is that they find a way to excel anyway. 

They aren't special.  You can too.

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