October 22, 2010


Above the post correction:
I read he was an LTC at Ace's, I chose poorly, he's just got the C with no LT.
It helps if you hear Lebeau saying, "But Coronel..." and think of Moran as Schultz.
Now back to our regularly scheduled post

I was hoping this guy was going to run against Jim, "I Hate Veeshir", Moran this year.
I figured a gay guy would be socially acceptable enough for the hard leftists around me to pull the lever marked (R).
He lost to Patrick Murray.

In an ideal world, Murray is a strong* candidate, but alas, he's a veteran.
A 20 year veteran and officer (LTC) and not just some draftee who was forced into servitude by Bush to make money for his oil buddies.

I haven't seen any "We support our troops when they shoot their officers" bumper stickers around here, but the military people who get on my bus are not looked upon with affection.
They quickly learn to just keep their eyes down so they don't have to see the glares and sneers from their neighbors.

Eh, I gave him money and I'm going to volunteer, but it's mostly just so I can tell AliceH to shut the hell up and not because I think he has a chance.

*I edited "stronger" to "strong" because they're pretty similar.
Neither one likes my "shoot rockets at every third car on the Beltway" solution to traffic but other than that, they're both pretty darn good.

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