April 25, 2010

The Cult of Personality

If George W. Bush (or any Republican elected official, for that matter) had even attempted this, what do you want to bet there would be screams from the MSM about it being a HITLER YOUTH!!!!!!-style organization?

We're holding Camp OFA training sessions across the country, to make sure that OFA supporters like you have the skills you'll need to make it happen.
Do the graduates get, say, uniforms? Or, at least, armbands?

Oh, daaaaaaamn! Suddenly Godwin, right?

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April 09, 2010

By George I think he's got it.

Kevin O'Brien, who apparently deals plains and works at a Cleveland newspaper, gets it.
This is the first article I've seen about tea parties and tea partiers that actually informs people about them, as much as such a diffuse movement can be explained.
Democratic officeholders should be afraid.

Republican officeholders, too.

For many a year now, officeholders of both major parties have worked hard to earn the distrust of ordinary Americans. It appears that they finally have succeeded.

If only ordinary Americans hadn't been so inattentive. If only ordinary Americans hadn't been so trusting. If only ordinary Americans hadn't been so damnably nice, the country would be in a better position to manage its finances today.

That's exactly correct, Americans have a deal with our politicians, we don't pay too much attention and they don't screw us too badly.

They've broken that compact and we're pissed off.

Read the whole thing, it's not that long but it's good. And he deserves the clicks, a real journalist who doesn't show contempt for the hoi polloi is a rare thing.

I have to admit, I wish I was at all interested in Cleveland because I keep seeing good articles in this paper but I really don't feel like weeding my way through Cleveland issues to get to the national stuff I am interested in. 

Forgot to H/T Boortz

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