August 17, 2010

Coffee Nazis

I have to admit, I'm with her.
It's funny, I was just thinking about this yesterday.
Some English prof wanted a multi-grain bagel and the Starbucks baristool wouldn't serve her unless she said "no cheese or butter".

I hate those tools. I rarely go in because I don't like their coffee, but when I go to get espresso they refuse to sell me a "double espresso", I have to ask which of their sizes is a double and then ask for that.

Fuck them.
Their fucking sizes make no fucking sense, Venti is 20, 'grande' means "big", tall means "tall" and "short" is a unit of measure for beer and dicks.

I think their coffee tastes like what might have been good coffee that's been left on the burner for 8 hours but I refuse to go in there anymore because they demand I use their conventions and I don't like being herded.

I hate Seattle nazis.

Via Boortz

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