November 30, 2008

Who Needs Prescription Pain Killers?

Not I. Especially when I have the ultimate over the counter pain remedy:

Yup, two days on, and I'm feeling no pain. And I haven't even had to go to a doctor, since the cut is starting to heal on its on, is free of infection (thanks to the Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol and Neosporin I used), and doesn't need stitches.

Oh, and below the jump (for those squeamish folks out there) is what it looked like tonight.


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November 14, 2008

A Chambliss Update In Between Trips To The Toilet

I have been suffering from a gastrointestinal discomfort since about mid-afternoon today. Ugh.

But here are the results of a poll on the Chambliss runoff race, which show Chambliss +3 (within MOE).

Sadly, Kos is sponsoring the poll, so take the numbers with a grain of salt. Also note that the once conservative Real Clear Politics is all but giving the race to Martin because of a freaking poll sponsored by one of the most dishonest political asshats ever. As a result, the numbers could be good (Chambliss ahead) or bad (Chambliss not ahead by enough to overcome undecideds and the lefty fraud turnout machine, as RCP asserts).

Either way, those who can help need to realize what is going on. If you can't help, please at least hit the Saxby site.

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November 06, 2008

Notes on the Revolution - Infiltrating the GOP machine

Something I've talked a bit lately about is the importance of infiltrating the GOP power structure.  What I'm talking about here about isn't candidates (though obviously we need good candidates), but rather the RNC, the state and local GOPs and campaigns.  This isn't going to happen overnight either, this is going to take several election cycles, maybe even a decade or more. 

This isn't to dismiss the need for a strong, outside presence to apply an endless, relentless pressure on Republican elites to, you know, at least pretend they're Republicans.  Indeed, that's the most important, but having infiltrators working from within is going to make things much, much easier to for that outside force to work.

All it takes is one guy sending the right info to the right people at the right time, and those people getting the message acting to spread word of the latest sellout, or the way to effectively get your message to people in the upper echelons who need to hear it.  With people working for them on the inside, the grassroots will become much more effective at bitchsmacking our own elite back into line.

So how do you do it?  Like any other job, start out in an entry level job (usually volunteering for something, perhaps a local campaign), making connections and gaining experience, and working your way up.  Not everyone is going to take this path, nor should they.  Not everyone is going to advance, but the more people we have working to undermine the RINOs, kleptocrats, and all the other malcontents while helping good, capable conservatives advance within the GOP, the better.

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November 03, 2008

Notes on the Revolution - What will Rightroots look like?

Jon Henke of The Next Right seems to think it's going to look like the Nutroots,

Will the Right's netroots movement look like that of the Left?  To the extent that the tools, and the social/political dynamics, are similar, I'd say the Right's netroots movement will look a great deal like that of the Left.  The question is not what tools are available, but how they are relevant to the surrounding environment.  The components will not be identica, but the basic concepts they represent should be very much the same.  Or rather, they will be when the Right regains its footing.

I'm not convinced that it will, and I'm not convinced that it should either.  I don't think we can win that way, either.  I'm not even convinced that it will something even remotely comparable to the nutroots political machine.  I'm beginning to think that the blogosphere and the Rightroots are going to be less of a political machine like the nutroots have become, but more like an academy, the evolution of the Limbaugh philosophy of teaching conservatism daily. 

I don't think the Right's political activism will ever be based on the intarwebs, or on talk radio or on wonkish magazines or papers, but will be based on word of mouth, face to face communication, lifestyle and daily life.  Bloggers for the most part aren't going to lead the revolution, they're going to advise it in an indirect fashion, and serve as a weather vane for the for movement conservatives who will work to infiltrate the GOP, both as GOP operatives, as candidates.  It will also be utilized by those working to change the culture.

Consider this, from John Hawkins, talking about the GOP's tin ear,

That's a real shame because had they listened to bloggers, most of the big political snafus of the last four years could have been avoided. However, they pay zero attention to things they're told by bloggers, even on the rare occasions when they ask what we think.

Just to give you an example of what I'm talking about, here's a generic conversation, some variation of which I've had with different congressional aides at least half-a-dozen times over the last four years.

Anonymous Aide: Hawkins, I want to ask your advice.
John Hawkins: Shoot.
Anonymous Aide: We're thinking about doing idea x.
John Hawkins: Are you out of your mind? That's going to be a disaster!
Anonymous Aide: Well, they've already decided to do it. How do we sell it to the bloggers?
John Hawkins: You're asking me whether you should put mayonnaise or mustard on a sh*t sandwich. I can give you some advice, but it's not going to go over well no matter how you spin it.

Inevitably, it doesn't sell -- which cuts to the heart of the problem the GOP has with bloggers: they need to have conversations with bloggers instead of just viewing us as another part of the message machine.

Do they just not think to call or email the big bloggers, or hell, a Rush or Levin, to see how a certain action is going to be taken by the base?   Evidently, and the sad part is that most of them are more clueless than this aide, both as politicians and political operatives. 

This dynamic will change however.  It has to, whether it happens in 2010, or if it takes the GOP getting it's ass handed to it in a few more elections.  Somewhere in the future, GOP candidates will figure this out (and maybe one has already), and campaign volunteers/workers with experience in the blogosphere will be able to guide candidates in how to utilize and use the blogosphere.

I ultimately think that if the right blogosphere is doing the right thing, it isn't going to change that much, it'll mostly just grow larger and broader, and bloggers and right blogs will better utilized by conservatives going out into Real LifeTM to make a better world.  It certainly won't look like the Nutroots.

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Notes on the Revolution

Notes on the Revolution is going to be a place to put our thoughts on the building and progress of the conservative movement, in particular, that of the "Rightroots."  Obviously the guys at The Next Right have been pushing this idea of a Rightroots hard, and a lot of people are latching onto the idea, seeing it as an effective counter against the nutroots, the Moron-in-Chief has weighed in, seeing the Rightroots as a necessary counter. 

John Hawkins has a lot of good stuff on the topic, some of which I'll comment on in later posts.  Hawkins is actually a good person to pay attention to on the topic, given that he's been to some extent trying to bring about a Rightroots-ish movement for a while now, with mixed results.  I've had a lot of thoughts brewing in my mind on this topic, but struggled to find the format to deliver them, but I think I've got my format now.

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