September 30, 2009

The Twat gets told twice

Eddie linked this in comments, but there's nothing quite so deserving of its own post as David Frum having his nose rubbed into his own failure.

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September 23, 2009

Pro-Honduras Rally In STL Tonight

Not surprisingly, the STL media avoided the gathering. But Jim at Gateway Pundit was there, with hot girly action.

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September 21, 2009

The Good Guys Win One

No, not another Giants post (But they did beat the Cowboys last night, you see the game?), a Pittsburgh G20 gun ban post.

I read on some blog (anybody know which one?) about how Pittsburgh was thinking about trying to become Philadelphia and ban certain guns during the protests.

I can't find anything more recent than last week where they had "delayed giving police the power" to enforce the statute they already passed. (I think I read about that on some blog, eh, probably not).

But in the above story, we find this
References to a list of "assault weapons" that the city banned in 1993 -- only to have the ban quashed by the General Assembly in 1994 -- have been deleted from the legislation. Council members feared they would be mired in a lawsuit with the National Rifle Association that the city would likely lose.

Maybe they realized they would be "mired" in more lawsuits they'd lose. And cost lots of money.
Hence the title, a win for the good guys. Too bad they had to use to the courts to do it.
The law shouldn't be that much of a ass.

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September 18, 2009

We waited just one damn year too long to overthrow this dictatorship

Notes on the other revolution, the shooting one in Iran.
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, had warned the opposition against turning anti-Israel rallies to street protests against the clerical establishment.

Too bad, so sad. Instead of the expected Holocaust denial and "Death to both Satans, Big and Little" they got
Defeated presidential candidates Mousavi and Mehdi Karoubi said they would attend the rally.
"Death to the dictators," and "Not Gaza, Not Lebanon, We are ready to die for Iran," chanted protesters.

So naturally, they have to be arrested and beaten.
Shooting them down in the streets coming soon!
I'm sure Obama will urge both sides to step back and stop the provocations.

The world is finding out that Bush wasn't so bad and maybe, just maybe, America and American hegemony aren't the worst things in the world.

Too bad there are going to be lots of wars, repression and nukular "disagreements" to help drive that lesson home.

Forgot the H/T again, sorry Meryl

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September 17, 2009

Pittsburgh might not become Philly

I know nobody reads this blog, but I did a post early this month about Pittsburgh trying to ban certain guns at the G-20 contra PA laws.

So the City Council "tentatively" passed the ordinance 9/8, but this story from 9/15 claims they "delayed giving police" the power to enforce it.

I'm wondering if the outcry stopped them or if they're just trying to wait until it's too late to take the ordinance to court.
It'll be interesting to find out.

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I can't link non youtube videos, I try every now and then and just break my blog.
So you'll have to go here and watch that video of Nancy tearing up and getting all "awwww, poor widdle woman can't stand the harsh words". I just saw a clip on Cavuto and I was stunned.

Yo Nancy, go screw.
You have been a purveyor of some of the harshest rhetoric directed at Bush and any American who disagrees with you and now that it's directed at you and beating you like a baby with a puppy you're gonna start crying and ask us won't we please make the bad words go away?

That's about un-be-lieve-a-bile.
Will any feminists call her out on this?

I mean, there was the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Congress of the United States of America crying about all the bad words during a press conference, thereby reinforcing all the stereotype of women that they get all emotional and fall apart when someone says bad words to them.
She was trying to look like a poor, vulnerable woman that we all want to just give a hug and make the bad words go away.

Nancy Pelosi calling for civility is bad enough after 8 years of Chimpy McBusHitler, but her crying while she does it just makes it worse.

I know I've said it before, but they have no shame. None at all.

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September 16, 2009

Intertubes Round-up

If I may indulge in a little blog pimping, -- Every once in a while I do a top-5(ish) list for PAWatercooler.  This is a decent one, IMHO. Rather than try to copy and paste the html and bugger everything up, I'm just linking.

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September 15, 2009

More nuts falling out of the tree

Update: Video below the fold. It's worth it, I've been watching it on Beck.
Via the Confederate Yankee we see that they're not done batting Acorn around.

Hannah Giles
writing about why and how they did it. It's about funny in that it's what investigative reporters used to do to everybody, not just Sarah Palin and random plumbers.

She's listing the steps involved and has this one

4)      Experiment: Baltimore, DC, Brooklyn, San Bernardino, and…

 Check out the "and....", there are more tapes.
 They keep releasing one, allowing Acorn to dig itself deeper, and then release another tape.
Now I have to wonder how many they have.

They're supposedly releasing the latest, San Bernadino tape on Beck and it supposedly contains a comment about murder and which politicians they're 'friendly' with.
Okay, I'm going to have to watch Beck's entire show today.
It's going to be hysterical when the FBI shuts down Acorn offices around the country and the first 'report' from Minitru will still be trying to cover it up.

I wonder when Obama is going to have to answer any questions about Acorn.
Sorry, I just like to make myself laugh.

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Paul Revered

One of my favorite posters from Saturday

Notice in every picture you see of the tea parties, almost all of the signs are hand-made.
And a lot of them are darn funny. There's shirts out there now that say, "Don't tax me bro!" (I got one), that was a poster I saw at the 4/15, DC Tea Party, I think Insty put it up and now it's famous.

What Congress doesn't understand is why Americans are angry. They're not all angry at the exact same thing, but all the different "things" they're angry about boil down to "Stop leftying up our country!"
If only the GOP had learned that lesson from the previous, two elections.

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September 09, 2009

The Stupid Snowbilly Breeder is good.

I'm getting sucked into liking a politician. That's usually been bad. I liked Mario Cuomo for instance. But I also liked Ronnie Raygun and Moynihan.
Obama has his eleventy 'leventh speech and Sarah Palin writes something on facebook.
They'll both be talked about tomorrow.
The whole thing is good, but I love the shot at Minitru at the end
One last thing: after President Obama's speech tonight, listen for which pundits use the words "false", "scary", and "risky" in describing the proposals I put forward. That's how you'll be able to tell who the White House counted as "allies" worthy of receiving its talking points.

That guarantees they'll freak out about her "whining" about them so people will hear/read about it and she wrote concisely enough that they won't be able to put ellipses everywhere.
She's learned well from  Darth Cheney.

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September 04, 2009

Revenge for Porky's revenge?

Wow, just wow.
So there's a town of 174 people (No zeros are missing from that number) in Arkansas where they got a 7-man police force because of grant money. They must have been bored silly, I mean, 7 cops in a town of 127 people? That's low for a teacher/kid ratio much less cop/citizen.

Apparently, they spend all their time writing tickets.
One guy claims he got one for doing 58MPH in his driveway.
In his driveway.

So the fire chief had to go to court twice in one day to pay tickets, apparently started berating the judge, got into an argument with the cops and
The response from cops? They shot him. Right there in court.

According to the article, they shot him from behind.
The police force has been disbanded by the judge.

There's just so far you can push Americans and they're pushing hard.
Prosecutor Lindsey Fairley said Thursday that he didn't plan to file any felony charges against the officer or Payne. Fairley, reached at his home, said Payne could face a misdemeanor charge stemming from the scuffle, but that would be up to the city's judge.

Get it? The fire chief might be charged but not the dude who shot the guy and another cop (the bullet grazed the finger of a cop on the way into the fire chief's hip bone).
I predict a court house burned down and a bunch of wrecked cop cars if they charge the guy.
Heck, the people in that town might do it if they don't charge the cop regardless of if they charge the fire chief. They sound pissed off.

Imagine getting a speeding ticket while driving on your driveway? I might have been shot right then if that happened to me. I'd like to think I would be very disagreeable, angry and with lots of "fuck you"s and "get off my fucking property"s if that happened to me.
h/t The Agitator

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September 01, 2009

What's the opposite of harshing my mellow?

Noel writing at Cold Fury doesn't seem too happy about the non-stop tongue bathing of Teddy.
He discusses the Democratic party and how it's changed going from JFK saying "Ich bin ein Berliner" to Obama trying to turn Honduras into a banana republic.

I shouted out ‘Who killed the Kennedys’ legacy?’ and after all, it was…Teddy!

RTWFT, have a smoke ready for afterward.

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