February 27, 2009

Initial Reports From St. Louis Tea Party

My wife and daughter went down to the Archgrounds today to participate in the local "Tea Party", along with my wife's twin sister and her two sons. It was cold and dreary, but a lot of people showed up.

Hell, it must have been a success if even the liberal local media mentioned the larger than expected attendees.

Louanne Patterson calls the cure worse than the disease.

   "Our children, my son, my grandson's future -- they're mortgaging it,"  she complained as fellow protestors nodded in agreement.  "They say we're going to get back $400, $800 on our taxes but with the deflation (the stimulus package) is going to cause, that's going to be worth nothing."

   Organizers were stunned by their own success -- they expected 50 to 100 people to come out on a chilly workday but the crowd swelled to 1,000 or more.

Sadly, my family members didn't stay the whole time because the little ones were getting cold and cranky. Instead, they went up the arch.

UPDATE! Here is a video from a local TV Network.

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February 08, 2009

Can We Revive And Retool Project Leper?

While I am not shocked that Arlen Specter and Olympia Snowe are the two leading "moderates" who appear willing to side with the pro-Spendulus crowd (and Collins seems to holding out for some sort of payola for her vote), one thing came to mind.

Arlen Specter has to run in 2010 in a primary for his Senate seat. Why not revive and retool Project Leper? This time, any politician who endorses Specter over a viable primary challenger (Please run again, Toomey!) should be shunned and lose funding. Same goes for any staffer/paid hack who offers to work on the Specter Primary Team. And why not do the same for any other "moderate" who joins with the pro-Spendulus crowd?

If this were the only example of Specter, Snowe, Collins, et al. stabbing us in the back, that would be one thing. But this has been going on for decades with these tools, and enough is enough. I no longer buy the argument that we need Arlen Specter in the Senate because he is an "R". Fuck that! He has never worked with us, and never will.

Too bad Chuck Hagel is no longer around. Then I might really get angry.

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