May 19, 2010

A Message To The Defeatists After The PA-12 Election

Look, I am not pleased that a Democrat won the PA12 race, but what really is pissing me off is the defeatism coming from our side after last night. Well, fuck defeatism. Fuck it so hard, it looks like a Kotex factory test lab.

Any fucking defeatists want to say the House is unwinnable? Then fuck you and go cry into your fucking fuckloserish fuckbags, you fucking fistfucked by failure fuckhymens of menarche! I have no fucking patience for those who fucking want to give up because a Democrat won in a fucking district that has been voting for Democrats since my Grandfather was blowing loads into frauleins all across the old country. Yeah, it sucks. But you know what you fucking do? You get the fuck back up, and you get the fuck back out there and fight another day, or go the fuck home and tell your cats how you tried.

No, I don't want defeatists. I fucking want people with me who will fucking tell the other side to get the fuck out of the fucking way, or get skullfucked so hard by conservatism and the freemarket that the load it blows into their brains upon le petit mort will introduce more sense into their heads than the shit socialism has told them was awesome. I fucking want people willing to fucking fight, eat bacon, and fuck fear so hard up its rectum (NTTAWWT) with the fucksaw of triumph that it will grow a new head, call it success, and cut off the one that is the loser.

So fuck you, defeatists. Fuck your loser ways. Fuck it so hard, that even afterward, bacon won't make me feel better.

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May 12, 2010

Guns for Burqas!

FrnakJ has a post about France banning the burqa.

He doesn't like the idea of banning things but the burqa is a very oppressive garment by its very existence. It proclaims that the person inside is property of one person. The man who is the only unrelated male who can see her face.

It gave me an idea: Guns for Burqas!

That way, the ones who like to wear burqas can wear them, the rest can defend themselves against the bastards who want to stuff them into one.

I call that win/win.
And it's totally Constitutional, the right to bear arms to bare arms is right there in the 2nd amendment to the interstate commerce clause.

h/t Veeshir

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May 08, 2010

Presented without comment or context

Presently this country is facing a skills crisis because many of those skilled tradesmen & women who were the centurions of industry when this country was really great, are aging and retired or on the brink of it. When that institutional memory is lost we will not get it back because we have an education establishment that no longer values technical skills and has abandoned an entire generation of young people. As Dr. Ken Ryan at Alexandria Technical College has said, “We have duped ourselves into believing we can build a sustainable economy without the durable manufacturing activities that characterize those nations threatening to eclipse us.” So very true. I have been thinking and saying that, though not so succinctly, for years.

Nor[is] industry without fault in this evolving debacle. in their never ending pursuit of short term profit for stock holders skilled employees have been devalued and made a commodity.


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May 03, 2010

Quotes from Rules for Radicals

Hawkins has a good list of them, definitely worth studying and using.

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