January 20, 2009

Some Lessons Learned For The Next Battle

It is now officially the last day of George W Bush's term as President. In mere hours, all of Washington will be run by the Democrat Party, as we on our side begin to rebuild and recalculate how we will someday return to power. As many others have stated, while I disagreed vigorously with many aspects of the Bush Presidency, I will miss him, and I really do feel a bit sad. However, as a (sometimes foolish) optimist, I try not to look back, but forward. I try not to refight the last battle, but look forward to the next one, and how we can win again, using the lessons learned from the past eight years. Here are a few rambling ideas of mine.


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January 19, 2009

One Idea For Countering The Left

As you may know by now, I am deeply frustrated with the group of defeatist bloggers, opinion makers, and pundits who seem more than happy that Obama won so that they can secure book deal, issue snarky comments in retaliation for their guy not getting picked for something or other reasons known only to them. Well, since this Axis Of Defeatism doesn't even offer a blueprint for victory, instead hoping that hiding under the bedsheets and asking "exit questions", confident that they have enablers and defenders in their corner to fight back any critics, will work in 2016, I guess it falls to others to do so.

In that regard, I may have found a person who does have a plan, and it kinda makes sense: infiltrate Hollywood and Pop Culture as much as possible. And Breitbart makes the case better than I ever could.

OK. But how?


The Democratic Party resonates on the Internet because it resonates in pop culture. The Democratic Party resonates in pop culture because it has been committed to dominating it for over a generation.

Democrats are celebrities, rock stars, magazine covers and stadium concerts. Republicans are a small list of famous people who have to make public excuses for their affiliation.

Democrats throw parties, get models to show up, and Red Bull and Stoli pick up the tab. Republicans feature a no-host bar hoping an astronaut from the Mercury mission stops by.

Democrats pull off a star-studded, entertainment-laden Obama acceptance speech at Invesco Field. Republicans get a black dude to wear red, white and blue and perform a 1985-era patriotic rap song dressed as Uncle Sam.

The spectacular Will.I.Am song and video, "Yes We Can," could not be duplicated by Republicans if T. Boone Pickens airdropped his fortune on the RNC headquarters.



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