September 19, 2010

Just a reminder, Chuck Adkins is still a scumbag

...and Stace McCain's a good guy.  Some of you guys remember this shitheel Adkins, he's been trying to pick a fight with the Moron-in-Chief and some of the newer right-o-sphere figures

McCain, being typically generous with linking people who link him (which I think is a highly admirable quality of his, we all know what it's like to start out in this blogging thing), was pretty generous in linking Adkins and included him in his blogroll, as Adkins was linking McCain.  Adkins, being Adkins, couldn't pretend he was sane forever, and started getting more insane, vicious, conspiratorial, and also more open about his anti-Semitism and racist views.  Understand, Adkins has no coherent belief system, he lacks the intellectual capacity to create one for himself, he's mostly just a crazy fuck who gloms onto whatever political ideology that'll have him, whether through acceptance of him or ignorance of what he is.

I'd emailed Stace a few times, and I think maybe noted once on Twitter that Adkins was not a guy he wanted to be affiliated with, but never heard or saw anything from McCain.  After about three or four tries contacting Stace, I decided, okay fuck it, I'm getting blown off, and it kinda sat in the back of my mind and would sorta grate on me now and then.  Between that and Chuck beginning his perennial self-destruct cycle again, I kinda said to myself, "Is Stace still linking this twat?"  Looked, and sure enough, and I thought, nah, now's the perfect time to push Adkins out of McCain's circle and take away some of Adkins' traffic. 

I had no interest in doing harm to McCain, only in denying Adkins traffic and legitimacy being linked by mainstream sites like Stace's. I got to know Mike Hendrix over at Cold Fury during his fight with Adkins (not so much a fight as Adkins talking shit and then getting rhetorically curbstomped, really), so I've kinda tried to warn people about Chuck as I see them interact with him, especially if he's trying to snooker them into promoting him or giving him money.

And me being me, if I feel I need to get your attention, and I've tried to get your attention and feel I'm being ignored...I'll get your attention, even if it requires throwing a few grenades (rhetorically speaking, though I can be pretty harsh when dealing with idjit GOP officials), so I called out Stace on Twitter.  Which in retrospect, I did in a very sloppy, hasty manner and shouldn't have done it that way, which is not typically my style, and I should have probably tried to contact Stace through email or private message again first, so that I do apologize for, both to Stace, Stace's readers and my own. 

McCain did then quickly private message me on Twitter, gave me his phone number to call him, which was a gracious thing of him to do, I was kinda caught off guard by it, actually.  We as bloggers can be a bit paranoid (me doubly so, though I'm starting to mellow a bit), hell, Allah's half of the biggest blog on the right side and still uses a pseudonym, having someone send their number out like that is in my experience unusual.

Talking to Stace McCain?  Well, you know how Southerners think that us damnyankees think that they're all slow, especially when speaking?  Yeah, well,

...kinda like the first 30 seconds of the clip, though more quiet and polite, though certainly not with the same type of accent as ol' Foghorn, heh.  Stace is one of the few people I know of that can speak three paragraphs in one sentence and in about 30 seconds.  Dude talks fast, and as the morons that have met me in Real LifeTM can assure you, I can be a bit quieter in person, or at least not real assertive about getting my word in.  Heh. 

In any case, he explained himself well, and I was totally cool with it all, was a bit late getting to where I needed to go, but only because I wanted to at least put up a quick note on Twitter that Stace and I were cool with things.  And we are, I'm glad I got a chance to speak with Stace McCain personally, he explained himself well and his post here on the whole thing reflects what he said to me over the phone, he's a good guy and a good soldier for the conservative cause, and recommend you read his site and follow him on Twitter.

Stace, we suck at this blog feud thing.

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