June 02, 2008

Bad Year for Democratic Senators

Just up on the CNN boards, Robert Byrd is in the hospital for 'observation.'

Again, I wish them all the best even though they haven't been the best for America.

Update {doubleplusundead} Here's a link, doesn't say much, but stay tuned.  The Moron-in-Chief had this up on the sidebar, Byrd's doctors thought he was lethargic and sluggish, and decided he needed to be looked at.  So that doesn't really tell us much, given his age.

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uk anti-gun campaigner stabbed to death

If only she could have had a gun.  This is exactly why gun control is such a dangerous policy.  Even if one can argue successfully that banning guns reduces crime (which I don't think you can, and I absolutely reject out of hand any attempt to do so), you're giving away your individual, essential right to self defense.  By doing so you lose the ability to even stand a chance against those who have no respect for law and your basic human rights.  Banking on the government to defend or care for you like the people of the UK do is a huge gamble.  This woman lost that gamble and paid for it with her life, unfortunately.

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