October 03, 2008

Vinty needs your advice (for realsies, not for play play)

Yes, I am hijacking the blog for personal reasons to seek advice from Morons.  Smart, ain't I?

Anyway, as some of you know, I'm trying to get a job in DC, and I've found that living in Lexington, KY, has been...well...exactly the obstacle you'd expect it to be. 

So, a friend has given me permission to use his DC-area address on my resume if I choose.  If I were to get a job, I'd be moving into his spare room temporarily while I found my own place. 

I'm thinking about doing it, as I have a feeling that most places I've applied see my address and toss the resume (even though I explain in the accompanying email that I can fly in at my own expense for interviews and relocate at my own expense).  But I don't know if that would be seen as dishonest somehow. 

Surely, our powers combined can figure out if this is a good idea!

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