October 25, 2008

Forget it, he's rolling

In a post that quotes both Winston Churchill and John Blutarsky (that might just be a first), Jim Treacher urges defiance:

You can talk back to the people who are lying to you, lying about you. You are not helpless. We are not helpless. Their constant drumbeat -- "Obama is inevitable, Obama is inevitable, Obama is inevitable" -- is a sign of weakness, not strength. If they really thought he could win on his own merits, they wouldn't be trying so hard to brainwash you.

Most of all, you can vote. You might try to outwit yourself: "Well, I live in a blue state, so my vote doesn't matter anyway. Besides, they've already pretty much bragged about how they're going to steal the election, and they're getting away with it." All the more reason to take a little time out of your day on Nov. 4 and spite them. They think we're stupid. They think we're cowards. They think we'll believe whatever they say just because they're the ones saying it. Personally, I have no interest in proving them right.
Give 'em hell, Treach.

He's right, you know. This thing isn't over. Not by a longshot. And it's going to take every single one of us to do our part by at least voting. There's still time to volunteer as well. Or if you have friends and family who are still on the fence or are thinking about sitting it out, talk to them.

And in the end, just imagine how good it will feel to do something that doesn't help Michelle's kids.

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