September 26, 2010

Even more heartbreaking

So Cowboys aren't crying and Giants are. That's a bad day in the Veeshir household. The dog is hiding under the get (update: "bed", eh, you try drinking two bottles of Delirium Temens and then spell all words corectly)  and I'm searching Korean sites for the recipe for kagogi. That'll learn 'im.

The worst part was the way the Giants beat themselves by coughing up the ball and losing their cool.
In one perfect example, a Titan smacked a Giant in the helmet.
The Giant retaliated and the Titan fell to the ground with great histrionics.

If the Giant had been a whiny bitch, he could have done the pussy thing and had the 15 yards go his way instead of the other.
And Jeff Fisher was proud. Punks. Low rent, second rate punks

Oh well, there's a reason Sidney Crosby gets paid millions of dollars a year.

I put this in L.L.A.P.H. because I have no idea what the hell that means.

Another update.
Even more heartbreakingly heartbreaking, I'm getting my ass kicked by a chick at fantasy football.
If she is a chick. I still haven't seen pics.

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