September 24, 2009

You're really one to talk

So, Rich Lowry liked Sarah Palin's speech in Hong Kong, and called her "an authentic, powerful voice of the populist right." Andrew Sullivan, natch, disagreed, claiming that Palin "remains a monument to cynicism, opportunism and deception." The title of this post could refer to that particular remark from St. Andi, but, no, I'm referring to the following...

She's a starburst meant to hold the teetering coalition together. And Lowry's still tumescent.
So, Sully, you're basically implying that another political commentator has a hardon for a politician?  Really?  You really want to go there, you slobbering fucking Obama fanboy?

Considering recent news, a remark about the pot calling the kettle black seems more appropriate than ever.

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