September 19, 2010

Yes, The Contrast Is Telling

This article describing the difference between how leftists and conservatives view the voters.

This is yet another confirmation that the right and left look at America – and Americans – quite differently. The leftists view their countrymen as in dire need of supervision — by elites like them, of course. Americans are not competent to make decisions on their own, and left to their own devices,  will run amok. Wall Streeters are greedy, New Yorkers are xenophobes, and the rest of us are Bible- and gun-huggers. And here we go again — acting out and acting up. Obama, the poor dear, just can’t talk sense to us.

When things go wrong for the left, it blames the people; when things go wrong for the right, it blames the governing elites. It is not in the nature of conservatives to demean and attack fellow citizens. To the contrary, conservatives’ vision is grounded in the belief that Americans are competent, decent, and hardworking, and it is the heavy hand of government that threatens to squelch American virtues.

Yes, and that is why I fucking hate the left. Fuck them for thinking they know better when every fucking program they start only makes things worse for the people they purport to help. Fuck them for telling us we are the bad guys for trying to stop their destruction of this country. And fuck them so hard that the earth's rotation gets knocked out of whack as a result for ignoring that the American people, not a buck of fistfuckingly fistfucked fuckwobblers are the ones who make things work.

And that is why the left hates us. They hate us because we refuse to give in to them and their ways. They hate us because they know, deep down, that their ways have failed and will fail again, and we are the only ones in the way of that disaster befalling us. They hate us because we put our faith in the Constitution, not the cult of personality that is the state. And they hate us because we are unwilling to be led like sheep and drones.

Well, jigglefuck them like a whore who thinks she is being charged an overdraft fee. I will not stand idly by and let the future be one giant shitpile topped with fuckspray. I will not allow my daughter to grow up in a day worse than today. And I will not allow the Last Great Hope for Man become a fucking weakened fuckvictim to the rest of the world because we did it to ourselves.

Take heart, though. Take heart, because the hate the left heaps upon the electorate reveals their fear. It reveals them to be afraid of what will happen to them this November for their disregard for us. And it reveals that they fear us and what our votes will do to them when we send them to the goatseheap of electoral history for their insults and arrogance.

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