September 08, 2010

Yeah. How Dare We?

This lady over in England nails how the Eurotwats don't understand the opposition to Obama.

With the smug incomprehension in which it takes so much pride (can’t understand – won’t understand!), the BBC sets about the American Tea Party Movement as if it were a cross between the Klu Klux Klan and the German neo-fascist brigade. Not once in all the demonic depictions I have seen and heard (last week’s Newsnight package was particularly outrageous) have I heard a mention of what the TPM is actually about: taxation. (Note to BBC editors: the movement is named after the Boston Tea Party because it is protesting about the imposition of higher federal taxes and over-weening controls on citizens who believe their voices have been ignored.)

The British generally and the BBC in particular have a real problem understanding the obsessive suspicion in which the power of central government is held in the US. This is not some funny redneck eccentricity: it is fundamental to the Constitution which gives individual states much greater sovereignty than the countries of the European Union enjoy. The states have independent judicial systems (some states have capital punishment, others do not) and separate taxation systems (some have sales taxes, others do not). Only a Supreme Court ruling can over-turn state law by, for example, declaring something (such as abortion) to be a legal right which a state legislature may not deny.

Yeah. How dare we care for our future? How dare we cherish the freedoms brave men and women have died in order to protect? How dare we cherish the system set up that enables the United States to become the last best hope for man in the face of tyranny and despair? Yeah. How fucking dare we?

That's right. How fucking dare we care? What the fuck is wrong with us? Why can't we just take what the bureaucracy throws at us and ask for more? Why can't we just accept a lower standard of living and be happy, just so we don't get called racist?

You know why? Because we are fucking Americans. That's why. Freedom and opportunity were our birthrights, forged over 230 ago with people standing up, demanding that their leaders be held accountable, and refusing to accept limits on our futures. Liberty is our divinely entitled right, and fuck anybody who sees otherwise. Fuck them seriously and with the vigor that doesn't need boner pills to get ready. And fuck anybody on any side who wishes to endanger or limit those freedoms through deal making and then tell us they know better than us.

And how can we stand in front of our children and grandchildren and tell them that we sat silently by as the Leviathan sought to enevlop us? How? Through moderation? Fuck that. Fuck that with the forecock of future freedoms. Fuck anything close to surrender or compromise. I owe it to my daughter to refuse to let her future be threatened, and I must do what I can through the electoral process to preserve it. I must stand up and tell "our betters" that they are not special, and that they listen to us. I must exercise my rights, so that she will be able to have the same ones as she grows up. And I must not yield, for the other side never quits.

And while not easy, it can be accomplished. How do I know? Because I fucking lived through it. And I know we can do it again.

So fuck you, statist critics of freedoms. Fuck you, go to hell, and let us save the future.

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