September 22, 2009

Wolf!!! errr.... Racist!!!!

Really? Really?
You know what was cool? When I was in school they talked about "The Melting Pot", about how when you came here you became an American.
The board is calling for a two-tiered form of student discipline. One for Black and Hispanic students; one for everyone else.

You see, they can't discipline students as they deserve if the disciplinings don't match the racial make-up of the school. So if white kids are 50% of the school, they need to get disciplined 50% too. If too many black kids get disciplined, they can't discipline any more until they catch some white kids and hispanic kids doing something.

They also want to make the faculty match the racial make-up of the school.
So if there's 50% Hispanics, they need 50% Hispanic teachers, if there's 10% black students, they need 10% black teachers.

So why?

With the goal of creating a "restorative school culture and climate" that conveys a "sense of belonging to all students," the board is insisting that its schools reduce its suspensions and/or expulsions of minority students to the point that the data reflect "no ethnic/racial disparities."

I think what they're going to accomplish is losing a lot of law suits, and if they manage to implement it, I figure they're going to accomplish bankrupting the school as they lose those lawsuits.
Imagine some black kid suspended for talking in class because too many hispanics were suspended for fighting?

I do have to laugh at the final line in the article, he invokes Gasp!!! Apartheid!

Okay, that's funny.
Because it's true.
Via Boortz

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