March 28, 2010

Why, there's no such thing... "Death Panels" or rationing of care or anything like that, you silly goose.

Katherine Murphy, from the Patients' Association, expressed horror at the potential risks being taken to ensure Government targets are met.

She said: "This is a sick experiment being played out on the public, at a cost to people's lives. These incentives are not just deeply unethical, but clearly dangerous. The patient has been forgotten."

Aside from the horror about keeping people out of Emergency Rooms, let's forget for a second that our cousins across The Pond have had to unionize as patients against socialized medicine because of—

Oh, wait. Holy shit. Let's NOT forget that. For even a second. They. Have. A. Patients'. Association.

And they have the NHS.

Welcome to the future. I hope you like it.

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