May 21, 2010

Why on earth would anyone think there's a problem with the Mexican border?

I mean. It's not like there are Mexican pirates on a Texas lake or anything.

Okay, let's get the snark out of the way first - Chuck Norris would roundhouse kick the boat right out from under them.  Let's send the Australian ninjas over to settle the pirates v. ninjas controversy once and for all.  One Ranger, one riot, one Skidoo.

Now that that's out of the way, pirates. On a Texas lake.  With machine guns.  Why the HELL have they not been shot dead?  Seriously, where are the Rangers?  Where is the police protection?  Since this is a cross border excursion, where are the Feds? 

This is an all out assault on American citizens by those from another country.  Hell, yes, I want mortar rounds shot at them.

h/t commenter over at Head Moron's in the Euro thread.  (sorry closed the tab and can't remember who)

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