April 13, 2010

Who could have known?

Yawn, another day, another Obama supporter who's all surprised that Obama is a leftist, marxist, Chicago-machine politician follower of Reverend Wright who is working on getting Israel destroyed.

Ed Koch supported Bush against Kerry because Bush was better on protecting us. Remember when he spoke at the GOP convention?
So, naturally, he endorsed Obama over McCain. He said Obama would be better for the world.
According to Jay Nordlinger (where I saw the above link), Koch also said,
If the vice president were ever called on to lead the country, there is no question in my mind that the experience and demonstrated judgment of Joe Biden is superior to that of Sarah Palin

Praising Joe Fucking Biden's judgement?

So now what's he saying? He's all surprised that Obama is such a wimp on the world stage.
The funniest part? He opens his column praising Obama for opening up offshore drilling, when we've all seen he did no such thing. He opened up some areas for further investigation into if maybe we should possibly do some drilling, so long as Greenpeace doesn't have a problem.

So even as Koch has his column where he doesn't even ask how he could have been so wrong, he's still drinking Obama brand Kool Aid (twice as much sugar, half as much taste).

I am absolutely uninterested in being nice to idiots like that.
They were fooled because they wanted to be fooled and now, they can't admit that Sarah Palin was right and they were wrong and none of them, not one, will admit that Joe Fucking Biden is the biggest joke of a VP in the history of our nation.

Figuring out how you were fooled so badly is the first step in not being fooled again. Alas, America has shown that such introspection is very unpopular.

All Obama has to do in 2012 is spew more hope and change and blame everything on the GOP and he'll cruise to re-election.
And then the zombies come.
So it's a mixed bag I guess.

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