December 18, 2009

When You've Lost David Brooks...

No creased pants for you, buddy.

And yet, instead of certainty, Brooksie still quivers and trembles in fear and indecisiveness that Patton, Grant, Petraeus, or Washington never showed.

So what’s my verdict? I have to confess, I flip-flop week to week and day to day. It’s a guess. Does this put us on a path toward the real reform, or does it head us down a valley in which real reform will be less likely?

If I were a senator forced to vote today, I’d vote no. If you pass a health care bill without systemic incentives reform, you set up a political vortex in which the few good parts of the bill will get stripped out and the expensive and wasteful parts will be entrenched.

While I am glad to see Brooks side with the "no" votes (does that mean Frum, Noonan, Parker, and Gergen will soon follow?), this sheer limp wristed equivocation is why we need to tell the moderates to stay away from leadership and follow us or get the fuck out of the way.

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