July 31, 2008

Obama and Edwards:No Child All Children Left Behind

Education party my ass...

So have Juliette at Baldilocks trying to raise money for a bunch of Kenyan kids who were stood up by Our Lord and Savior, and then I see this.  Seems John Edwards also had some school kids that he needed to let down. 

For those that may not remember, Silky launched a scholarship program in 2005, called "College for Everyone", which was supposed to give scholarships to students who might not otherwise be able to afford to go.  It received wide publicity and praise from the press and elsewhere. 

As you can see in the Newsbusters link, Silky declared in a press release that this program would eventually give millions of students scholarships that would pay for one year of their college education if they went to a public colleges and universities.  The press is touting Silky's program for what it did for local schools in North Carolina, but a lot of North Carolina parents and students are disappointed that the program is being cancelled.   The press is trying to deflect criticism of Edwards by claiming that it was only meant to be a three year program.  I'm calling BS, you don't announce you'll be creating a scholarship program that'll pay for a year of college for millions of students on a three year program.

Note to prominent Democrats, if you're going to promise children and their families all this great charitable aid, you may want to, oh, I dunno, follow through?  Kinda makes you look like a total dick when you don't keep your promise.

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