January 28, 2009

What he said

Treacher gets what's going on with the lame celebrity "I Pledge" video that I mentioned here (and again, here) several days ago:

Have you ever spent time around children? I did, before the court order. When a little kid doesn't get what he wants, the adult who has thwarted his will is, to borrow a phrase, the Worst Person in the World. But the second that kid gets what he wants, everything is suddenly wonderful. It's like for the last 8 years, Bush was the mean babysitter who didn't let Ashton Kutcher and Ashley Judd eat ice cream for dinner and stay up past their bedtime. But now they've got a new babysitter and he's so cool and he's promising all sorts of amazing things and oh isn't everything just totally super awesome?

Anyway, read the whole thing, and watch about the first half of the video he has up there, before it segues into a rant about libertarians (unless you like that sort of thing).

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