April 19, 2009

Well, I don't mind as long as I get the shoes out of it

So. It looks like there's going to be another push to force online retailers to collect state and local sales taxes.

Now, technically, online shopping is not tax free.  Most states have some type of "use tax" in place wherein it's up to the consumer to pay the amount owed like a good little citizen.  You can imagine how frequently that's done.

I would venture that 90+% of all consumers consider shopping elsewhere to avoid taxes to be entirely fair.  There is a major shopping outlet near me and there are buses that come in from NY state all weekend.  Why?  There's no tax on clothing in PA.  There's no way in hell that those people are turning around and submitting the taxes anyway.  I was headed up to Canada last summer to visit the BFF and there were huge lines coming into the States from Canada as well as huge signs up reminding people that $200 was the limit before having to declare goods.  Why?  Because half of Ontario was heading into Watertown to go shopping since the Canadian dollar was worth more.  No VAT?  Higher exchange rate?  Oh hell yes, people were crossing the border. 

Ages ago when the dinosaurs roamed and I was getting my undergrad in political theory, I was studing Italy and Italian politics (which btw AHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA oh my lord Italian politics).  I remember reading a study that determined that Italy had an incredibly vibrant economy that wasn't reflected on the books.  Why?  No one wanted to pay the taxes. 

I can see things heading that way now.  The nickle and dimeing and the state going after each and every cent it can suck up is going to take a toll.  People will find a way to go off the books, they absolutely will.

That's why the Tea Party movement is striking a chord.  It's people going "Enough. This is enough."  Will anything come of it?  We'll see.  I am a bit cynical about any practical effects but time will tell.

Also, I don't care how good the food and shoes and porn stars elected officials are, I'd really rather not be Italy, thanks. 

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