April 24, 2009

Well, Count David Brooks As Back In The RINOs For Obama Fold

Dammit! And I thought he was officially in the Heartbroken RINOs For Obama Club.

The big lesson for the Obama administration is that the American people will continue to support its agenda as long as they think it is competent. It was not automatic that an administration led by a 47-year-old man with little Washington experience would run a professional, smoothly functioning operation. Yet he has. The administration has unveiled a dazzling array of proposals with a high degree of efficiency and managerial skill. This has inspired confidence in his team, if not in the government as a whole.

This is so ridiculous, I have lost the ability to chew food.

Seriuosly, what the fuck is wrong with the Yacht Club Republicans and their never ending support of The Messiah? It's one thing for performance artists such as Allah to do what he does just to get attention and traffic, but these fools are worse than the Kossacks. I mean, at least the moonbats are on Obama's ass for some things. Brooks and Parker? Not so much.

I almost wonder if when the RINOs do deign to lower themselves to see how the Bitter Clingers feel about them, they dig in just to stick a thumb in the collective eyes of the Flyover People. I mean, how else can you explain a drumbeat of pieces such as this piece of shit?

Oh well, I guess the threat of being taken off of Barry's Super Secret Blackberry's BFF List is what is in play here.

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