July 13, 2010

We Owe HOW Much?!??!!?

This much?!??

So this young family's total share of government obligations and debt is $1,069,100.

When these obligations are added to their other liabilities their household ends up in a deep financial hole. Despite all their hard work and responsible financial behavior, decades of financial mismanagement by the government have effectively wiped out the net worth of $270,000 they thought they had. Instead, they owe almost $800,000.

How about you? What does your household balance sheet look like when you factor in $1,069,100 of additional liabilities?

How about this?
Fuck that. Fucking dinofuck that shit with the fuckingly flaming fucklog of fuck and financial fuckitude. Fuck it so hard, its asshole gets ripped through its throat and jackfucked. And fuck it forever, just because I am fucking pissed.

Oh, and fuck anybody and everybody who helped foster this yodelfucking of the American Dream and future by piling up fucking debt on programs we don't need, the people don't want, and are less popular outside of the newsroom at MSNBC than getting the unwanted Glamour Goatse Giveaway from Gigafuck the Great.

This is fucking why November cannot come fast enough for me. Fuck these people for sentencing my daughter to a shittier future than I had at her age by sentencing her to be a financial ward of the state, and all of the restrictions that accompany such designation. Fuck these people for weakening our country. Fuck them for making all of our lives more shitty in order to push through some fucking bullshit agenda. And fuck them for claiming that wanting something better for my child is somehow analogous to the original sin of our nation.

Any fuckmink who helps foster this bullshit through needs to get their fucking bloated ass voted out post haste and replaced with people who will do something to try to stop this shit. Fuck anybody with a fetid bag of fuck who thinks compromise with the left in order to weaken a bad bill is better than getting tut-tutted by Chris Matthews if they say, "Fuck No!" to bad legislation. And fuck anybody who dares to fucking call me a bigot for opposing this shit.

Fuck you, anybody who helped fuck everything over. And get the fuck out of the way, so that us "bad" people can save the country and the future.

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