May 26, 2010

Wait! So Obama Can't Solve Everything?!?

No link to him, but John Cole admitted that The Messiah can't solve everything, and he and his ilk are flailing around for answers and a way to spin for him:

I know that no matter what I say, some of you are going to claim I am shilling for Obama while others of you will read the same piece and claim I am unfairly attacking Obama, but I have a serious question- what exactly is the Obama administration supposed to do about the oil spill?

I’ve thought about it, and there are some things that really have pissed me off:

1.) BP keeps missing deadlines they themselves set to cap the spill

2.) BP keeps trying to hide the size of the spill anyway they can, whether it be using dispersants to keep the oil under the water so no one can see it, refusing to allow independent sources access, or just flat out lying.

3.) The government is, as we speak, issuing more permits to drill, even though it is perfectly clear we aren’t prepared for this kind of catastrophe.

Of course, the obvious damage to the gulf and the wildlife has me livid, but these are specific things that have pissed me off about the government and BP’s response. I also almost through something at the wall yesterday when I read Jake Tapper report that the Coast Guard called BP their “friends.”

Having said that, I just don’t know what the administration is supposed to do. What can be done? That, I think, is the real lesson from this- that we can’t really do anything about this sort of disaster, and i think the administration has done a really shitty job of getting that message out.

Heh. And yet, when Bush was in charge, well, we know the answers Cole would and did give, so let's just savor the hypocrisy here.

And his comment section is even better:


Call the head of BP and remind him that extrajudicial assassinations are legal for high value suspects who are implicated in the use of weapons of mass destruction against the United States.

And I thought the "Teabaggers" were the violent ones. Care to repeat that comment,pal?

And this:

Paul in KY

I just posted in another thread, we ‘temporarily’ nationalize all their American assets, then run it with the understanding that we’re gonna use as much of the assets as we need to rent American or other countries vessels (civilian and/or military) to carry huge amounts of concreate or make a fucking siphon that works or whatever the Hell it takes (using their money to do this) until the gusher is capped. BP made 18 billion in profit last year. They may so far have lost/used 800 million in aftermath of explosion. There’s alot more m oney that can be thrown at this thing & if they don’t open up the pocketbooks & pay till it hurts, then we’ll start writing their checks for them.

Also, Pres. Obama needs to use the bully pulpit (more) to point out what happens when businesses like these are not regulated & he can either explicitly or implicitly mention which party doesn’t like regulation.

If the head of BP is not visibly quaking in his topsiders, then Pres. Obama hasn’t gotten his points across (IMO).

Nice. Threaten and bully a business. Way to go.

Seriously, this is so fucked up, I am in awe of their stupidity and willingness to admit as a defense of their guy that he's only human.

As Ace has said, "We lost to these folks?"

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