July 27, 2008

Transatlantic "inartful" statement may prove to be a distraction

As we all know, half of Barack Obama's family is from Kenya.  (I mean, that's why we conservatives are terrified of him, right?)  It seems that when he couldn't get out of politician mode, and started making promises he didn't intend to keep to the locals:

He told the assembled press, local politicians (who included current Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga), and students: "Hopefully I can provide some assistance in the future to this school and all that it can be." He then turned to the school's principal, Yuanita Obiero, and assured her and her teachers: "I know you are working very hard and struggling to bring up this school, but I have said I will assist the school and I will do so."

Obiero says that although Obama did not explicitly use the word "financial" to qualify the nature of the assistance he was offering, "there was no doubt among us [teachers] that is what he meant. We interpreted his words as meaning he would help fund the school, either personally or by raising sponsors or both, in order to give our school desperately-needed modern facilities and a facelift". She added that 10 of the school's 144 pupils are Obama's relatives. Obiero was not the only one to think that the US Senator from Illinois, who had recently acquired a $1.65 million house in Chicago, would cough up. Obama's own grandmother Sarah confidently told reporters before his visit: "When he comes down here, he will change the face of the school and, believe me, our poverty in Kogelo will be a thing of the past."

Obama would like to care for the poor of Kenya, but not if it only costs him.  We need to all feel the hardship that poverty has wrought in Africa and truly embrace our common world citizenship.  I'm sure that once he is elected president, Obama will make us all pay for his neglected personal promise allow us to reap the benefits of our common world citizenship by having Americans present the school with a mandatory donation from the federal government.

If only Kenyans knew that "all Obama statements have expiration dates.  All of them."

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