June 25, 2010

Thoughts from a Ratfucker: The Dave Weigel resignation

Blah.  Well, I did have something long and snarky written out, but my computer did that thing where you hit the backspace and it takes you to the previous screen rather than erasing the last letter you wrote.  Yeah, fuck you, too, Steve Jobs. 

Anyway, long story short: Dave Weigel got fired because the Washington Post had to admit that he was what any thinking person to the right of David Brooks knew all along: he is a liberaltarian, not a conservative.

What's surprising is the reaction of some pretty established bloggers, such as Ed Morrissey, who are lamenting Weigel's, ahem, "resignation."  I understand what Ed is saying about Weigel being a nice guy.  DC is a small town, and I know several people who know him as a friend and would say the same thing.  I also know that most of my friends here are either liberals or just plain leftists.  I think they're nice, but I would not want them writing for WaPo to cover conservatism. 

I think what Ed and others are doing is the blogger version of a Capitol Hill GOPer shielding Democrat Congressman and Senators from criticism from the Right on the grounds that "I know Sen. Feingold. He's a charming fellow and a fine family man."  Yeah, he may be, but that doesn't make him above criticism when he's wrong.  *Sigh*

Also, why should we weep for Weigel?  The Narrative is on his side.  The Left and the MSM (BIRM) will send all of his previous writings criticising the Right down the memory whole.  Weigel will claim his mantle as someone who was really conservative, until those darned teabaggers and Palintards got ahold of the party.  I can just smell the Strange New Respect already...

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