January 27, 2009

This Much Common Sense Must Not Be Allowed!

Undoubtedly, attempts by the state of New Jersey to require High School Seniors to take basic finance courses is too good to survive the stupidity that is The Government.

The Senate Education Committee approved a pilot program in personal financial education despite concerns about overloading the high school curriculum.

Sen. Jim Whelan, D-Absecon, expressed concerns about adding requirements to the high school curriculum without extending the length of the school day.

The New Jersey Education Association says financial lessons can be incorporated into existing coursework in business, economics, math or home economics.

Overloading the curriculum? I didn't know "Flag Burning 101" took up that much time. I guess Big Brother can't allow the precious snowflakes to learn a thing or two about handling money. That might *gasp* make them think for themselves and not rely upon the Magic Unicorns for everything.

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