August 25, 2008

The irony is delicious

Why, it's almost as delicious as hot, buttery, salted...popcorn:

"I'm not anxious to disrupt the convention," she said, adding that she plans to go to a pro-Hillary march on Tuesday, but that "if it gets rowdy, I'll step to the side. I consider that march a thank-you to Hillary for having not given up." Pat said she'll vote for Obama, but that she just wonders, after listening to Pelosi tell the crowd about how there should be more women seated around her at the White House table, "Why, why, why did she ask Clinton to leave the race? And why did she encourage superdelegates not to vote for her? That whole speech she just gave was about how women have to strive for power, but she used her own power to diminish and destroy Clinton's."
And yet, you're still going to vote for Nancy's boy? (I know, racist! and homophobic!, but my shriveled black (racist again!) heart just couldn't resist.)

Come on, Pat. We all know you're bitter, clinging to Hillary. Barack Hussein (racist!) Obama stole what was rightfully Hillary's right out from under her.  You know you don't want to do anything that would help Michelle Obama's kids.  Let the haterd flow through you. Come over to the Dark (racist!) Side.

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