April 22, 2010

St. Heartache Must Have Dipped Into His "Special" Pouch Of Crazy Weed Tonight

Holy Fucking Fucklickity Split With A Fuckrag On Top! This is some really fucked up shit!

Here's a revealing glimpse into how a delusional, incompetent, pathological liar has managed never to hold a real press conference and yet remains a credible public figure.

But enough about Team Obama.

Oh, wait! Lemme guess. He meant somebody else, right?


The reason I banged on and on about Palin's bizarre story about her fifth campaign prop during the campaign was not because I wanted to invade someone's privacy, or engage in loony conspiracy theories. The reason is simply that this story raised legitimate questions of fact, and that the press decided that it would never ask the relevant questions {like Bristol and Levi? Like "I can see Russia from my house"? Like "what books do you read"? Like hacking into her yahoo mail account?-ed}, and indeed ostracize and ridicule those who did {if by "ostracize and ridicule", you mean a paycheck from a formerly prestigious publication and repeated appearances on cable TV to flog your silliness, then I want to suffer as you did-ed}.

But wait! It gets better!
The problem here is not really Palin. Every delusional, ignorant nutcase should have a chance to get away with running for national office {see: Kucinich, Dennis-ed}. The problem here is the system - a system that allowed someone no-one knew anything about to get very close to being a 72-year-old's heartbeat away from the presidency, a system that deems some questions unaskable {like asking Joe the Plumber about his tax records yet avoiding a vetting of Obama's policy papers?-ed}, a press that is more concerned with maximizing ratings and avoiding offence than in getting answers {yeah, and that is why they are so willing to hammer Obama every night and give the GOP a pass, right"-ed}. This system is dangerous {but that Chinese Politburo or the Chavez System? Fucking Awesome with a capital J!-ed}. If you construct a sealed media cocoon {like the DC Press Corp protecting Obama and MSNBC?-ed}, and false narrative, and a massive money-machine {how much did Obama spend to pimp his agenda in 2009/10? But we can't have that! We must investigate a woman's uterus-ed}, you can get further than most people imagine {see: Obama, Barack 44th President of the United States-ed}, . And remember, presidents have been elected with 43 percent of the vote before {and Abe Lincoln won a 4 way race. Your point?-ed}.

Jeebus Baconfucking On Cereal Christ! That is some fucked up shit right there. I wonder if Sir Sacsucker McSwampass even realizes that he just self parodied the rise of Obama and the media cocoon used to protect him. But I guess that is too much to ask of a man who has lapped Charles Johnson in the mentally fucked up category and is busy burning donuts in the infield with his trophy of craziness.

Oh well. Glad to see him stay at The Atlantic, so that he can continue to amaze and impress all comers with his rank stupidity and dementia. Crazy people need jobs too.

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