February 23, 2009

Something about Obama I was mistaken on

I honestly thought Barack Obama chose Joe Biden as his running mate because no one else was willing to take the job.  Apparently, Obama feels Biden is qualified for more than just following him around to tell him he's clean and articulate - Obama has named Biden Stimulus Czar.

The more I think about this, the more it fits - Biden doesn't really believe in donating to charity (he's given an average of $369 a year over the last ten years), he's close to retirement and doesn't even have a year's income in savings, and he's up to his ears in loans and credit debt.  So it seems fitting that Biden has been selected - our country is about to destroy charitable giving in favor of giving to the government, we'll be unable to retire because our 401Ks and IRAs are destroyed, and we're borrowing from our grandchildren to have a party today.

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