September 22, 2009

So, Highway Lanes Are Racist Now? Good To Know!

Because the race pimps and grievance hustlers have so discredited the racism charge because of their repeated and silly cries of racism where it didn't and doesn't exist, they seem determined to ramp Teh Stoopid up to eleven in order to get attention. Well, I will have none of it.

The tired cries of imaginary racism will only serve to hurt people who face true racism in their lives, and further serve to squelch any honest discussion of the real issues that face this country. Besides, this shit is nothing but intimidation of the lowest form, and I refuse to be intimidated for something that does not apply to me, while, usually, those who see racism in everything are only seeing their own reflections and shortcomings. Maybe they're still feeling guilty for something in their own lives. I don't know, and I don't care.

But what I will do is mock those who throw around baseless and silly charges. The crazier and stupider the charge, the more likely I am to write about it and mock it. And in that vein, I present to you, the racist highway lanes of Virginia.


A lawsuit filed by Arlington County last month claims the lanes benefit wealthy white people and discriminates against minorities. While the only rule to get in the HOV lanes on Interstate 395 is you must have three people in the car, Arlington claims adding HOT lanes would cut out poor and minorities by defacto.

That claim doesn't sit well with Fairfax County Supervisor Pat Herrity (R-Springfield).

"I don't think race or class warfare has any standing in this argument," Herrity said.

Buried in the lawsuit filed last month, county attorneys argued the HOT lanes, "encourage and enable a financially-able, privileged class of suburban and rural, primarily Caucasian residents from Stafford and Spotsylvania counties operating single occupancy vehicles ("SOV") unimpeded access on toll lanes."

In other words, it benefits wealthy white people.

A few pages later, the suit claims the Federal Highway Administration and the Virginia Department of Transportation failed to do the proper environmental analysis and that "their actions also constituted civil rights violations as they discriminated against minority and low income communities."

Arlington County Chair Barbara Favola says the race issue only arose because the environmental review includes socioeconomic impact.

"It is not our intention to play a race card. I think that's a very divisive approach," {then why did you bring it up?-ed}Favola told FOX5.

By the way, notice the Party affiliation of the guy calling bullshit on the charge is mentioned, but the party leanings of the Arlington County Chair is not? Maybe I missed something, but that is mighty suspicious.


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