April 15, 2010


...a few weeks ago, wasn't there some talk in the MSM about some kind of "Caffeinated Beverage Party" that was sweeping the country as an alternative to those stupid, nasty, racist Tea Party troglodytes? What was it called again? Because I don't seem to have heard much about those folks today.

Oh, wait, here's something...

As the Tea Party Rally train rolls across the nation, the new "Coffee Party Protestors" gathered on the steps of the Boise Capitol building to spread the message that taxes mean more jobs and a stronger economy.
Well, there's a winning position right there. Furthermore, here's a super-coherent statement from one of their (I'm sure) grassroots organizers:
"We've had a system that has advantaged the wealthy for a very long time," Adrienne Evans, United Vision for Idaho Director, said," and people know that's skewed. We're not advocating big government, but a responsible and compassionate government, that gives people tools to the resources and access so they can enhance their own lives and that of their communities."
Yeah. That doesn't sound like big government or "spreading around the wealth" or anything.

Be sure, by the way, to click on the link to see a photo of this massive rally.

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