October 28, 2009

Reason Eleventy Bazillion And Twenty Eight Why The Government Should Not Be Allowed To Run Anything More Complex Than A Sno-Cone Stand

Holy Jeebus! These guys really know how to run an efficient program, don't they? Just look at the roaringly efficient success Cash For Clunkers was.

The government could have done almost as well by just giving away cars for free, instead of creating an elaborate incentive program, according to an analysis by the automotive information firm Edmunds.com in Santa Monica, Calif.

What happened?

Well, it’s in how Edmunds crunched the numbers. A valid way to evaluate the program economically, it says, is to look at how many people purchased cars that otherwise wouldn’t have been bought. The firm says that number is about 125,000 cars. By that measure, the government spent $24,000 to generate each sale of a new car.

For comparison, the average price for a new vehicle in August 2009 was $26,915, minus an average cash rebate of $1,667.

In all, the government spent $3 billion on a program that provided cash toward 690,000 car purchases – about $4,348 per car. That makes 565,000 people who got as much as $4,500 to buy a car they would have bought anyway, according to the Edmunds analysis.

Yeah, and anybody who believes Obamacare will be an efficient, cost effective endeavor needs to just get a whack in the head from the clue bat.


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