August 13, 2010

Really? I Mean, Fucking Really?!?

Seriously. What the fuckity fucking the fuckramp with the flying fuckbeagle of fuck is this fuckwater?

Given that they {Muslims}are such a small minority in this nation, it is odd that so many of our fellow citizens see them as such a threat. Yes, the 9/11 attacks were horrific, but they were more about optics than actual harm {Optics?!? What the fuck do you fucking call buildings falling from the fucking sky and 3000 people dying? Optics?!?-ed}. The economy was already taking a hit before the Twin Towers fell.  The reaction of the nation to seeing two major buildings in New York fall on T.V. has boosted the attack out of proportion {yeah, and so did seeing our nation attacked. But what the fuck do I fucking know?-ed}. While the loss of even a single life is to be condemned and the devastation these deaths caused the families of those killed, more than this number of teens are killed every year in car crashes {a bit tu quoque, but what about you guys mocking our assertions that more people were killed in Detroit on a given day than in Iraq or Afghanistan?-ed}. These are also tragic losses but we do not make the kind of high profile issue of it that the 9/11 attacks are.

No, Fuckdiggler McFucklick, we don't because, while horrible, a teenager killed on "Blood Alley Road" is not the fucking same as fucking seeing four of our fucking airplanes used as missiles against us. Johnny Varsity losing his life is not the fucking same as fucking seeing people jump 100 stories to their fucking deaths because that was preferable to being burned alive because of some of your fucking optics. And we make a fucking high profile issue out o f 9/11 because it was a fucking act of fucking war against the United States of Amerifuckingca by animals who wanted to kill and scare as many fucking people as they could. And striking back was and always fucking will be the fucking proper course of action when our homeland is attacked.

Seriously, fuck you, braindead fuckbuddy of the fuckplunger of fuck. Fuck your indifference and implicit mockery of how people felt and continue to feel about one of the deadliest attacks on American soil, an attack that went out of its way to kill civilians for the crime of being alive, in order to defend a political argument. Fuck you for trying to minimize and trivialize the fucking deaths of innocent humans because you think you can score political points by doing so. And fuck you for your refusal to acknowledge that the "optics" of a mosque close enough to the hole in the ground created by fucking followers of the Religion of Peace  may not be the best thing going right now.

Fuck you, Kos Kid. Fuck you for your douchebaggery. Fuck you for trying to embrace those who wish to kill and mock us in the name of "tolerance". Fuck you for being so fucking clueless on the 9/11 attacks that you seem to equate them with a smokebomb in your neighbor's mailbox. Fuck fucking fuckwaffles like yourself who fail to realize that we are at FUCKING WAR with the people who want to plant a victory flag too damn fucking fuckity fuck close to the ground where they attacked us. Fuck you for being so clueless about terrorism that you are scary. And double mega fuck you with the fuckmixer from the concrete of fuck for being part of the coalition of the fucking stupid and dangerously clueless that helped put into power those who think nothing of weakening and humiliating ourselves in the name of tolerance.

Fuck you, Kos Kid. Fuck you and your flaming fuckabolic fuckbrain on fucking stupid for even being able to write what you wrote. May you get fuckkebabbed by the souls of the people killed on 9/11 for minimizing and dismissing their deaths.

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