October 16, 2009

Racist Bigot Tells Black Man To "Go Back To The Porch"

I am sure the race pimps and grievance hustlers will be all over this one.

You know, I get really fucking tired of shitheads such as Warren Ballentine trying to tell Juan Williams how to think and to essentially call him an Uncle Tom.

I may not always agree with Williams, but he has more integrity on his toothbrush than Ballentine ever will. Juan Williams has done more to chronicle in an honest and dignified manner, the race struggles in this country WITHOUT resorting to the cartoonish antics of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Maybe that's why Ballentine dislikes him.

And for a fool like Mr. Ballentine, I ask:, who the fuck are you to go around telling other African Americans how to think, or what to do? What have you done?  How many times has your fucking life been at risk to cover a story? How many miles have you walked, interviews done, articles written, and phone calls placed to write stories for as long as Williams has done? How many awards have you won? How much credibility within the Beltway do you have that politicians of all stripes, including Former President Bush, would sit down to talk with you? I may not agree with Juan Williams, but I at least respect the integrity he so vigorously works to uphold.

So, Mr. ballentine, why don't you just drink a nice tall galss of SHUT THE FUCK UP, and come back to lecture all of us when you have accomplished and EARNED as much as Juan WIlliams has?


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