September 02, 2010

Race Hustler Probably Regrets Talking Calls


Seriously, fuck the left and their race hustling. Fuck them for trying to tell people of any color and/or faith what to do, think or believe. Fuck them for thinking they are more enlightened than those who wish to help free people from a perpetual cycle of dependancy. And androidfuck them with Mechagodzilla's robotic fucklever wrapped with a hard earned ticket off of their plantation for thinking they can keep people down with their legislatively enforced slavery to statism and "knowing one's place". 

So fuck off, race hustling lefties. Fuck you for failing the people you purport to lead, and then continuing to try to keep them down so that they depend on you for help. Fuck you for crying racism at every turn instead of truing to fix the structural problems that have caused minorities to remain poor. And fuck you because your "help" has made things worse for ALL Americans.



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