November 15, 2009

President ObamaBean Set To Destroy The Airline Industry

Holy Fucking The Neighbor's Gardener With A Stingray! Team Obama wants to "save" the Airline Industry. And, of course, the usual band of dickfisting idiots arrives on the scene just in time to guarantee this will be a bigger clusterfuck than the time I tried to get out of the All You Can Eat Sushi Bar with my dignity and waistline intact.

{Transportation Secretary Ray}LaHood told reporters he has met twice with Lawrence Summers, the top White House economic adviser, about helping airlines equip planes for NextGen.

Implementing NextGen — which is expected to reduce airport congestion, fuel use and greenhouse gas emissions — is a priority for the White House, LaHood said. But he offered no clue whether aid might be forthcoming.

Airlines have suffered repeated shocks in recent years, including the 9/11 terror attacks, the SARS virus, volatile oil prices and the current economic downturn. They offered fewer seats to passengers, measured by available seats and distance traveled, in the first quarter of this year than any other first quarter in more than a decade. They have shed more than 158,000 full-time jobs since employment peaked in 2001 and lost an estimated $30 billion to $60 billion in recent years. Thirteen airlines have filed for bankruptcy in the past two years.

The deregulation of airlines in 1978 has helped lower air fares consumers, but other trends have raised concerns about whether airlines are offsetting low fares at the expense of safety. Most large airlines are outsourcing the majority of their major aircraft maintenance and repairs, including to overseas repair shops. They are also farming out domestic, short-haul trips to regional airlines that hire less experienced pilots at lower wages.

Ed Wytkind, president of the AFL-CIO's transportation trades department, said he doesn't expect the Obama administration to attempt a return to the kind of regulation that existed before 1978 where the government set fares and routes. But he said he'd like the government to tighten requirements for new, low-cost airlines seeking to enter the marketplace.

My message to those idiots who wish to "save" the airlines by ruining them:

Fuck you. Fuck You. FUCK YOU!! Fuck you with the syphillis soaked boxed set combo of Adam Smith's writings and the musings of Herb Kelleher (founder of Southwest Airlines). Do you fuckwits even know what you are talking about, and the consequences of your actions? Every fucking time the government meddles in a business, it becomes even bigger of a basket case. Just ask GM and Chrysler. But I guess that's the ObamaBean way.

And you know what really sucks, oh Geniuses of FAIL? The fact that you assfisting goatse freaks think that AWESOME FUCKING CAPITALISM is the problem here. You, in all of your educated glory, cannot understand that AWESOME FUCKING CAPITALISM helped reduce the costs of flying to the point that more people were able to do it? Then fuck you and get the fuck out of the doing anything useful business and leave it to us advocates of AWESOME FUCKING CAPITALISM to save the day. And when you goatfuckers will then come back to us taxpayers to bail out the airlines you and your allies helped ruin, you van count me the fuck out.

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