October 08, 2009

Once Again, Team Obama Proves How Retarded They Are

Seriously, what the flying fuck a flailing fish with a fistful of flammable fluids is the matter with these people? When the assfisters in DC aren't kicking around Axelturfing ideas such as this  , they are busy finding ways to do doubleplus fucking up retardation such as coddling illegal aliens they catch.

“‘Alternatives to Detention’ is kind of a range of things, and that includes stuff like electronic monitoring or intensive supervision, where people come and report into an office three times a week to a certain deportation officer there. Or have some sort of electronic monitoring,” Brigham said.

As many as 15,000 illegal aliens are already in ATD program, Brigham said.

Brigham said it would be up to ICE officers and case workers to decide whether a non-criminal illegal alien is placed in the “less restrictive” detention in a converted hotel, nursing home or other residential facilities, released and monitored electronically, or required to report to an ICE office a specific number of times per week.

Yeah, this should be a blast.

Thanks to Veeshir

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