February 25, 2009



Saw this scrolling on the ticker at Mark Levin's site, the latest Brady Campaign-submitted story from ABC, which notes that yes, some 11 year old psycho decided to shoot his father's girlfriend with his youth model shotgun here in PA. 

Yes, ABC, they do build youth model firearms, because believe it or not, a lot of states allow youths to hunt beginning ages 12-14, and there are many farmers and farm kids out there who put food on your table, who need to know how to use firearms for pest control and protection from wild animals (and unlike you metropolitan retards who think buying a fucking chimpanzee is a cute idea until it rips your face off, rural folks don't get to choose what dangerous animal walks, flies or slithers out of the woods into their fields).

So that there is a market for youth shotguns should be no surprise, the only surprise should be that this kid's father is retarded enough to not have the kid's gun in a proper safe when they aren't at the range or field.  And I don't really understand why you'd have a problem with that, after all, you leftists are supposed to be *wink nudge* supporting and supportive of hunters and sportsmen, or did you forget?

Youth firearms are also very popular for women, but the Brady vermin don't want you to know that, either.  With shotguns, fit is very important, and fit is basically how handily a shotgun shoulders and aligns with your sight.  Most shotgun sports mimic scenarios in bird hunting, where one must quickly shoulder their shotgun and fire a shot at a moving target, so it needs to get to the right spot easily. 

Most mass production shotguns up until recently were designed for the average Western European man (white dudes), they aren't built for smaller men or women, which means they'd have to spend more to have a stock cut and modified, or if you've got some serious scratch, a full custom shotgun, which is prohibitively expensive for most people, in order to get a suitable fit.

Youth model firearms are built with people with smaller builds than your average white male in mind, and in fact, a lot of youth models are called bantam models because of this.  Most people who get into the shooting sports aren't ready to drop serious dime into it, can't afford to because they're younger, or just need a basic cheap shotgun to test out and see what they like, and the number of women getting into the shooting sports is rising significantly, so gun manufacturers have worked to meet market demand.

Women make up the bulk of anti-2nd sentiment, and if pro-2nd forces start to make inroads with women, the Brady Campaign become irrelevant. 

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