May 21, 2008

oh, it couldn't have been because of the sensitive information that he wasn't supposed to have

James Yee, who you may remember got himself into a heap of trouble because he had lists of Gitmo detainees and workers at Gitmo he shouldn't have had, is trying to rewrite history.  He's now claiming that the real reason he got in so much trouble was because he speaking out against torture in Gitmo, and that he was tortured himself by the Bushitler's goon squad.  If you haven't heard, he's also going to be an Obama delegate in the Democrat Convention.

Yeah, sorry, I'll take Stashiu's word* over this tool about what goes on in Gitmo.  First, I'd love to know if Yee filed any formal complaints about detainee policy before he had his ass thrown in a Navy brig for having sensitive documents that he should not have had, and if he did, what they were complaints about.

Update: Speak of the devil, Stash in comments informs me that Yee's claims of torture at Gitmo comes from what the detainees told him, that Yee never saw abuse, and Yee has been on record as stating that in the past.  Read Patterico's interview with Stash linked above, and keep in mind that around how many of the released ones go back to jihadism to get an idea of what kind of people we're dealing with there, and then tell me you're really going to take them at their word.

*Be sure to visit Stash's site

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